Our elderly are the pillars of our society. The beautiful world we live in today, is due to their hard work and dedication. We are who we are because of them. Let us always remember this with much gratitude and respect.

The Saldanha Family Foundation wish to honour our elderly and ensure that the latter years of their lives are filled with meaning, good health and lots of happiness. We want to ensure they are not forgotten.

To do this involves both physical and financial support. It requires us to be ‘out there’ reassuring the elderly that they are loved and valued. We need to remember age is just a number and appreciate the learnings we receive from our elderly. This empowers us to be better human beings for future generations.

Currently, The Saldanha Family Foundation is supporting our elderly by funding old age homes in need around the world, as well as through visitation and organising group activities. We can all contribute to this cause by thanking our elderly for their services to humanity.