In Australia, we are truly blessed to receive some of the best health treatment in the world. But we can never take our health for granted. Much still needs to be done in order to continue research for cures for terrible illnesses as well as providing free medical treatment to those who simply cannot afford it.

During 2014, The Saldanha Family Foundation placed a significant focus on funding and promoting the awareness and treatment of Mental Health. This was partly achieved through funding Youth Focus – a wonderful organisation that provides free counselling services to the youth in our community. Youth Focus has 8 centres across Western Australia as well as providing physiologists in numerous schools. to find out more about this great cause please visit It is planned that each year the foundation will focus on a different area of health to ensure that we can touch as many peoples’ lives as possible.

In addition to this, The Saldanha Family Foundation continues to provide ad-hoc funding throughout the year to charities that promote the health and research into various illnesses.  We all know of someone who is affected by some illness or sadly has lost their lives to it.

So let us get together and stand firm in our resolve to support those who need our help through our actions and financial contributions.