The protection and growth of children is very close to the hearts of the Directors of The Saldanha Family Foundation. Throughout the world, there are many children who do not have a safe home to live in, access to clean water and food, an opportunity to go to school or access to basic medical care when required. It is our mission to do whatever we can to change that.

We currently provide financial support to children in Australia and India through third party organisations who work tirelessly on the ground in these countries to make a real difference. These people are the real heroes of the foundation. Through this current funding, children get access to shelter homes, counselling, education and clean water.

Over the next few years, it is The Saldanha Family Foundation’s plan to have its own teams on the ground in overseas countries. These teams will continue to partner with local organisations in these countries to ensure that every child we encounter will get the best opportunity at life. We also plan on developing achievement certificates and scholarships to motivate the children to be the best they can.

It is all of our responsibly to help protect and enrich their beautiful innocent lives. So together, through our financial contributions and acts of good will let us “Be the change”!